Australian Football Clubs

Following on from my Barassi Line post ( a couple of people mentioned they would like to a similar map for soccer clubs in Australia.

So, here it is:


Map of Soccer Clubs Australia (n = 2316), Source: Soccer

And here are the Australian Rules and Rugby League maps again for comparison.


Australian Rules Clubs (n= 2832), Source: Australian Rules


Rugby League Clubs (n = 1445) , Source: Rugby League

So I haven’t done any proper analysis, but at a cursory glance suggests Soccer is much more heavily concentrated in the major metropolitan areas and their surrounds than the other two codes shown. I might do some proper analysis of this in a future post, but for the time being thought I’d just share the map.

Also, here is a GIF version for people who are into that.

Update: Just want to reiterate that these aren’t designed to be exhaustive descriptions of every club in Australia, they only represent the results provided by the stated websites and attempt to display the broad patterns.





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